NAT64/DNS64 is a technique for a packet translation between IPv4 and IPv6 networks to allow interaction without necessity to implement the dual stack. The NAT64 module was implemented in Kaunas University of Technology and tested as an experimental service during the TERENA Networking Conference 2010 ( Service has not been turned off since then, and is in fact publicly available because of the nature of NAT64/DNS64 mechanism.

It is accessible - subject to the compliance with the AUP - via the configuration of DNS server to 2001:778::37 for everyone wishing to see how life would look like in an IPv6-only network.

IPv4 configuration can then be switched off altogether to fully experience IPv6-only environment. In case of dual stack the NAT64 will be used for majority transactions with IPv4 addresses.

Currently only limited amount of resources is dedicated for NAT64 service as it is still under development. All the implementations are freely available and all the contributions to NAT64 module are mostly welcome:

Additional resources:

NAT64 traffic statistics

6to4_stats IPv4->IPv6 traffic
IPv4<-IPv6 traffic


Ryšio nustatymas

on - Protokolas veikia
unknown - Protokolas tikrinamas
off - Protokolas neveikia

Paryškintas protokolas naudojamas puslapiui pasiekti.

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